Japanese Conversation: Is this A or B?

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Today’s conversation is quite useful if you’re going to go traveling to Japan. Just in case, you can get more helpful phrases from this app too! Happy learning!

Is this A or B?

A: それはチーズケーキですか、バナナケーキですか?
B: これはバナナケーキです。チーズけーきはあれです。

A: Is that a cheese cake or a banana cake?
B: This is a banana cake. Cheese cake is that one (over there).

A: あれもバナナけーきですか?
B: はい、そうです。
A: それとあれおねがいします

A: Is that (over there) also a banana cake?
B: Yes, it is.
A: Give me that and that (over there) please~

Important Points

Below are some points you might need to know~

Basically これ (kore) is “this” (near speaker). それ (sore) is “that” (near listener). あれ (are) is “that” (over there) which is far from both speaker and listener. Learn more about these words here.

A か B か
As you might have known, か (ka) is a question particle. If you didn’t know yet, read this article here. Literally, you’re asking “A? B?”. Translated naturally, it becomes “A or B?”

This might be one of the most useful phrases when you’re traveling in Japanese. Use おねがいします (onegaishimasu) to politely ask for what you need. Another word you can use is ください (kudasai). You can learn more about them here.