Japanese Conversation: Where is this?

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Today’s conversation is very practical and useful if you’re going to go traveling to Japan. Just in case, you can get more helpful phrases from this app too! Happy learning!

Where is this?

A: すみません、ここはどこですか?
B: ここはとうきょうえきです

A: Excuse me, where is this?
B: This is the Tokyo Station.

A: といれはどこですか
B: といれはあちらです。チケットうりばのまえです。

A: Where is the toilet?
B: Toilet is over there. In front of the ticket selling point.

Important Points

Below are some points you might need to know~

ここ (koko) is the same as これ (kore: this), but it’s used to refer to a place. ここ often translated as “here”. As in それ and あれ. You will also hear そこ (soko: here) and あそこ (asoko: over there). Read this article to learn more about these words.

(Name a place here) はどこですか (wa doko desuka). Is a useful pattern to ask for location in Japan. どこ (doko) means “where”. Get this app to see more useful phrases you can use in Japan~.

Apart from ください (kudasai) and おねがいします (onegaishimasu), すみません (sumimasen) is also one of the most important words you need to know. This word can mean “excuse me” or “sorry”. You could use it to get attention from people you want to talk with.