Japanese Conversation: Where are you from?

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Today’s topic is an expansion of Self-Introduction in Japanese which you can read here. All sentences provided are very practical and you can also use them as a reading practice~ Happy learning!

Where are you from?

A: トムのおくにはどちらですか?
B: アメリカですよ

A: Where is your native country, Tom?
B: It is America!

A: アメリカのどこですか?
B: カリフォルニアです

A: Where is it in America?
B: It’s California

A: カリフォルニアはどこですか?
B: カリフォルニアはネバダのにしです

A: Where is California?
B: California is the west of Nevada

Important Points

Below are some points you might need to know~

ですよ (desu yo) is the same as です (desu). But additional particle よ in the end add some subtle nuance:
– excitement as an exclamation mark or to emphasized the information.
– used when the speaker is giving an information that he/she assumed that the hearer wouldn’t know about
– often translated as “…, you know?”

どこ and どちら
Both can be used to ask for location/direction. どちら (dochira) is considered a bit more formal than どこ (doko). Note that どちら has a lot of usage. You can use it to ask “Which (of the two)” or “Which (person)”.