Fun Learning: Level up your Katakana skills with Pokemon!

Did you know that the recently famous game pokemon Go is actually based on Pokemon series which originated from Japanese game around 20 years ago? All Pokemon’s name is written in Katakana! So not only Pokemon are good to help you to burn calories, you can also use them to hone your Katakana skills! The original Japanese name also have interesting hidden meanings. What are you waiting for? Gotta read them all!!

Who’s Read that pokemon!


Iiiittt’s Pikachuu! (Pikaa, Pikaaa!!!)

If you have trouble reading it, check out our guide here Easy Katakana Mastery Guide: Part 1. It will help you immensely to memorize Katakana in no time!

As for the hidden meaning, Pikachu is made out of “Pikapika” which means sparkling and “Chu” which is the sound of a mouse! Anyway,this one might be easy since the name is the exact same one as the English. But other pokemons have a very very different name. Check out the 3 famous starter’s & it’s evolution name below, can you read them all?

Read that pokemon! Part 1

The grass pokemon: Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur!

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Read that pokemon! Part 2

The fire pokemon: Charmander, Charmeleon and Chardizard!

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Read that pokemon! Part 3

The water pokemon: Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise!

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Want to practice some more?

No worries, there are still 142 pokemons to go! Click the spoiler below and happy practicing!!~

Click to Show the rest of Pokemon's Japanese name

Check out our guide to learn Katakana if you have trouble to memorize them: Easy Katakana Mastery Guide: Part 1. And check out our other Katakana practice page: Katakana Reading Practice

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