List of Useful Travel Phrase in Japanese

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Below you can find a lot of useful phrase that will help you travel in Japan easier.

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Helpful Phrase

こんにちは konnichiwa: “Hello” or “Good Evening”
お願いします onegaishimasu: please *Learn more about this word*
すみません sumimasen: “Excuse me” or “Sorry”
ありがとうございます arigatou gozaimasu: Thank you
(Place/Location) はどこですか? … wa doko desu ka? : Where is …?
分かりません wakarimasen: I don’t understand
英語話せませんか? eigo hanasemasenka? : Can you speak English?
いくらですか? ikura desu ka?: How much?

Helpful Words

ここ koko: here
そこ soko: there
あそこ asoko: over there

これ kore: this
それ sore: that
あれ are: that over there

こちら kochira: this way
そちら sochira: that way
あちら achira: that way (over there)

*Did you notice a pattern here? Check this article for more information.


トイレ toire: toilet
駅 eki: station
バス停 basu tei: bus stop
病院 byouin: hospital
店 mise: shop
公園 kouen: public park
空港 kuukou: airport


電車 densha: train
車 kuruma: car
バス basu: bus
タクシー takushii: taxy
飛行機 hikouki: airplane


レストラン resutoran: restaurant
英語のメニュー eigo no menyuu: English menu
卵 tamago: egg
豚肉 buta niku: pork
牛肉 gyuu niku: beef
鳥肉 tori niku: chicken meat
お茶 ocha: green tea
ご飯 gohan: rice
野菜 yasai: vegetable
果物 kudamono: fruits
お会計 okaikei: bill


  1. Hello.
    I really like your website content, but as I was scrolling through, I found an error on the “List of Useful Travel Phrase in Japanese” page: こんにちは konnichiwa: “Hello” or “Good Evening”.
    Konnichiwa means Hello, but definitely NOT Good evening. Could you please edit the page to avoid confusion?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Ah thank you for your input. So in language, we often cannot literally translate things 😀 Konnichiwa itself is an abbreviation from Konnichi wa gokiken ikaga desu ka? (今日はご機嫌いかがですか?). This phrase could be translated (but not literally) as “How are you feeling today?”. And yes it’s often used to say Hello too! Hope it helps!

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