Talking About Seasons in Japan!

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Let’s increase your vocabularies today! We’re going to learn about season related vocabularies!


There are 4 type of seasons in Japan.

春 (haru) : spring

Spring time is all about 桜 (sakura) tree! The tree will only bloom for around a week. And by that time, people will gather under the tree and do a picnic with friends or family. It is called 花見 (hanami). 花 (hana) means flower and 見 (mi) comes from 見る (miru) to look.

夏 (natsu) : summer

Summer is all about 夏休み (natsuyasumi) which means summer holiday! This word comes from 夏 (natsu • summer) and 休み (yasumi • rest/holiday). There will be a lot of お祭り (omatsuri • festival). The お is a honorific to increase the politeness of the word 😀 In the end of お祭り (omatsuri • festival), usually there will be beautiful 花火 (hanabi • fireworks). 花 (hana) means flower and 火 (hi) is fire. Literally, fireworks is called fire flower in Japanese!

秋 (aki) : autumn

Autumn in Japan is all about 食べ物 (tabemono • food). There will be tons of 魚 (sakana • fish) in the river and some will even go for キノコ (kinoko • mushroom) hunt! The tree leaves will turn into 紅葉色 (momiji iro • reddish orange color). It is so beautiful! 色 (iro) means color.

冬 (fuyu) : winter

Winter is not winter without 雪 (snow). The weather will become 寒い (samui • cold). So don’t forget to wear your コート (kooto • coat) and ブーツ (buutsu • boots)! The best thing to do in winter is to スキー (sukii • ski) and make some 雪だるま (yuki daruma • snowman).

We hope you’re able to increase your vocabulary while also enjoying facts about Japan!
Happy learning! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。

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