To Express Normal / Logical / Natural Change of Situation or Something in Japanese

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になる (JLPT N5 Grammar Pattern)

When you see words that cannot be easily translated with dictionary such as “naru”, they are most likely to be grammar patterns!

Important Note: Note that English translation of Japanese are not a literal translation. But it is a “rephrase of the sentence’s context in English words”. So don’t get fixated with the English choice of tense.

なる Naru is used to express a natural/normal/logical change of situation/something. So it cannot be used for something that is changed by action of something/someone. The context it holds is : a gradual and natural change from A to B.

On the 1st sentence, the context of なる in the sentence is:
• Due to something, I came to like manga now. (So maybe the person didn’t like it before, and somehow has changed his/her mind)

On the 2nd sentence, the context of なる is:
• It is already 6 o’clock (Time goes by)

On the 3rd sentence, the context of なる is:

• That tree is now big (it was small before, it must’ve grown)

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