Japanese Pronouns for I / Me / Myself

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Additional Notes

Today’s card will help you to learn about Japanese pronouns for I (me). There are a few words you can use and this card will help you to learn the difference between them.

僕 (boku) is commonly used by children so some people might thought that this pronoun might sound a bit childish, but it’s quite normal to be used among friends too. Overall, it’s safe if you want to use it.

You might hear 俺 / オレ (ore) often when watching movies. It’s okay to use it, but please make sure that you’re in a situation where you are positively sure that it’s okay to use that pronouns (talking with your very close friend circle who also use it/etc). If you are a beginner learner or unsure about the situation, it is best to avoid it since if it’s used in a wrong situation, you will be considered as being rude.

When in doubt, use 私 (watashi). Note that boku, washi and ore are commonly used by men while atashi is used by women.

Important Notes

Keep in mind that Japanese is different than English. If the subject is already clear, you don’t need to say the pronoun for all sentence. It will be considered as weird.

Happy learning! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

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