Learn Japanese Numbers (up to 99)

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Let’s start learning about Japanese numbers!

In this article, we’re going to learn from 1 up to 99. Check out these links instead if you want to learn more numbers:
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If you have learned about numbers Chinese before, you will have no problem with the kanji for numbers since they are basically the same character and also have similar rules. They do have different reading though. Below you can find a table for Japanese numbers from 1 to ten.


Check out the memorizing tips below to help you memorize them easier 😀

Memorizing tips for 1 to 10

One: 一 (ichi)


Two: 二 (ni)


Three: 三 (san)


Four: 四 (shi/yon)


Five: 五 (go)


Six: 六 (roku)


Seven: 七 (nana/shichi)


Eight: 八 (hachi)


Nine: 九 (kyuu/ku)


Ten: 十 (juu)


Notes: There are 2 readings for 4 and 7. Both reading are acceptable up to 10. Above 10,however, preferred reading is yon for 4 and shichi for 7. For 9, the preferred reading is kyuu

But also note that depending on the things you’re counting, you may need to memorize the specific reading it uses.

For example, when counting months, its always 四月 shigatsu and 七月 shichigatsu. And for thousands, it’s always 四千 yon sen and 七千 nana sen.

10 and more!

Now that you’ve learned 1-10, we’re ready to tackle up to 99!. Don’t worry since you don’t need to memorize any new things. You just need to follow a specific pattern.

11 – 19

Pattern: 十 (juu) + number

11 is 十一 juu ichi
17 is 十七 juu shichi
19 is 十九 juu kyuu

Tens (20, 30 , 40, so on)

Pattern: number + 十 (juu)

The pattern is the reverse of 11 – 19

20 is 二十 ni juu
90 is 九十 kyuu juu

Notes: 20 is a special number in Japanese. So especially about days and age it have special reading.

Age 20 is not 二十歳 ni juu sai, but it is hatachi
And the 20th day of the month is not 二十日 ni juu nichi. It is called hatsuka.

Other things to note is about 70. It’s always nana juu!

21 – 99

Pattern: the Tens + Number
The pattern is logical and simple. Say the tens first and follow with the number.

21 is 二十一 ni juu ichi
48 is 四十八 yon juu hachi
89 is 八十九 hachi juu kyuu


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