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Also available for learning Chinese. Click here to get the Chinese version.



No Ads & doesn’t require internet. Use it anywhere, everywhere!
• Over 1800 phrases with sound files & helpful description to learn Japanese from
• Bookmark important phrases
Hide/Show Romaji (Latin reading) button

• and more functions to help you study Japanese

Available Content

• Essential travel tips to Japan
• Learning tips for people who just start to learn Japanese
• Hiragana, Katakana and useful kanji cheatsheet
• Lessons for essential Japanese grammar such as particles (は, を, etc), counting and much more

Get LITE version with over 600 phrases for FREE with links below.

What people said about this app

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“The best phrasebook I’ve ever used, and I have tried many with Japanese, Thai, Chinese and French. Even highlights nouns so you can build sentences yourself, and has very useful grammar lessons, explanations, and you can search within the phases. Very very good. ありがとうございます “
Mark Evison

“The app is great for beginners who are having issues knowing where to start. The app gives a great overview of the alphabets with a bunch of great helpful tips to get learners on the right track. The use of Kanji in favor of Hiragana/Katakana is very useful to get learners more comfortable and more familiar with the Kanji. The app also has a ton of great categories with lots of great vocabulary and grammatical practice. The audio is great feature that many apps lack. Allows for learners to hear how the words/sentences would be pronounced by a native. There are also great features such as a favorites option to star all of the most useful information that an individual most needs. The app essentially breaks down the grammar in a comprehensible way and is great user-friendly app to get learners speaking Japanese fast!”

“This app is great! I’ve tried many different apps and websites (Duolingo included) to learn Japanese and this is by far the best app yet. The lessons are very easy to follow and the app is very aesthetically pleasing, making learning Japanese more efficient and more fun than other resources! I visited Japan two years and had to look up everything from a two month crash course in Japanese to how to use the local transportation system – if this app had existed back then, it would have made my journey much easier! Thank you for a wonderful language learning tool! “
Sindhu Manivannan

How to use this app to the fullest

You will find guides to use the app within the app home page, but you can also read the general guide below first.

For Travel Purpose

Search for useful phrases that you might use prior traveling. Bookmarked those phrases. Practice it everyday until you memorize it. Or you can just show up the phrase from the app when you needed it. This app works without internet connection. Make sure to read the travel guide!

To practice & learn Japanese

Read Japanese learning tips first if you never learn Japanese before.
We provide cheatsheet for Hiragana & Katakana, but to learn them use these link here :
Easy Hiragana Mastery Guide: Part 1
Easy Katakana Mastery Guide: Part 1

Then proceed to learn about Japanese fundamental grammars.

If you already know the fundamental Japanese, use the phrasebook to help you study new words and phrases. Memorize 3 – 5 phrases each day. Try to practice by replacing the yellow marked nouns with another new nouns to make a new sentence. Don’t forget to imitate the sound you heard to practice your pronunciation!

Happy learning! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。