Chain Stores You Must Visit in Japan

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Each person preferences is different when it comes to shopping. But these places are SO **** CHEAP and offer great quality items that you should at least visit them once while in Japan!

When you want to shop on a budget, try to go to shopping districts instead of malls such as the Ameyoko shopping street shown below.

But that’s not what we would like to recommend to you today. Have you heard about 100 yen store in Japan? 100 yen = less than a buck. It means the shop offer various product with the same price tag. Yes, less than a buck! There are some brands available but these are the ones that you definitely should check out.

Can Do


Oh, how we love this store chain. You can find some smaller shop here and there, but if you have time, go to the bigger store. We really love how the store really keep all price as 100 yen (less than 1 buck) but still giving a lot of varieties. From food, stationary, to cooking appliance. You definitely will find something you need. Be careful though, you might lose control!




It’s not as complete as Can Do. But Seria offers a lot of items with a cuter design. You will also find a lot of product that has popular character (Disney/hello kitty/etc) as a part of the design. You can only find 100 yen store item with this characteristic at Seria.


This store is not as cheap as Seria and Can Do, but you can find a higher quality and sparkly items. Most are fashion items. But still, it’s a good place to visit if you happened to walk into them in the street.

What about Daiso? Did you miss it?

No, we didn’t miss it. Daiso stuff can’t quite compare with the stores above. What we didn’t like is the price of most stuff often goes beyond 100yen. As a store who call themselves a 100 yen store, it’s kind of misleading and thus why it didn’t get into the list above.

First time going to Japan on your own?

Be sure to prepare yourself well before you go to Japan. Check out this article to help you plan what you need to have in Japan.

Language can be an obstacle since many people in Japan couldn’t speak English. You could either try to learn a bit of basic Japanese or you could also use free apps like Japan Travel Phrasebook to help you.

This app provide a lot of practical phrase you will need to travel such as “I want to go to …” or “Where is the toilet?”. You can imitate the phrases until you memorize them or you can simply bookmark the phrases and show it up to local so they can immediately understand what you need.

Hope it helps and have a wonderful trip! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°