Must Eat Sushi Chain Restaurant in Japan!

Going to Japan? Love Sushi but hate the price? Then you need to read this article!



Too good to be true? These stores offer cheap sushi, starts from 100 yen sushi per plates. Eat to your heart contents without any worry about the damage to your bank account.

The best part is, these stores are actually chain stores with lots of branches around the city so try to check with google map if there’s any of them near your area. Note that there is usually a long line within lunch/dinner hour so try to eat at less crowded hours to avoid long lines and eat with peace. When there’s a line, you need to pick up a waiting number and wait until your number is called.

Most stores are self-service and are in the form of conveyor-belt restaurant. It might be awkward and confusing at first, but it’s actually quite simple when you already know the process… Different stores have different menu layout, but basically, there will be screen nearby which you can use to put an order.

Pick the type of sushi you want and place an order, after a few minutes the order will be given to you through the conveyor belt.


Sushiro is one of the famous 100 yen sushi chain store in Japan. Beside sushi, they also served ramen and other Japanese side dish for a very cheap price. You can check out their menu and price here

sushiro-100-yen-sushi-japan image source

Kura sushi

Kura sushi offer much more than just sushi. Beside dessert and all type of typical Japanese food, you will also find gatcha machine lurking around. Gatcha is a type of machine filled with toys, where you can insert coins and turn the lever to get the toy inside.

kura-sushi-100-yen-sushi-japan image source

Hama Sushi

Hama Sushi is one of the best 100 yen sushi chain store to try in Japan. As the other store, it sells a lot more than just sushi. You can check out their full menu and price here.

kura-sushi-100-yen-sushi-japan image source

First time going to Japan on your own?

Be sure to prepare yourself well before you go to Japan. Check out this article to help you plan what you need to have in Japan.

Language can be an obstacle since many people in Japan couldn’t speak English. You could either try to learn a bit of basic Japanese or you could also use free apps like Japan Travel Phrasebook to help you.

This app provide a lot of practical phrase you will need to travel such as “I want to go to …” or “Where is the toilet?”. You can imitate the phrases until you memorize them or you can simply bookmark the phrases and show it up to local so they can immediately understand what you need.

Hope it helps and have a wonderful trip! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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