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CrunchyNihongo Hiragana Guide >>
Japanese alphabet is the first thing you need to know! Use our guide to easily memorize them!


CrunchyNihongo Katakana Guide >>
Using our guide, you will be able to master the 2nd Japanese alphabet, Katakana, easily!


Introduction to Kanji >>
Before you start to learn Kanji, it’s highly recommended that you read this article first.


Tips to start learning Japanese >>
Japanese Language Proficiency Test material is the best route to start learning Japanese. Use this guide to help you get all materials you need to start studying effectively!


Beginner’s Reading Practice Material >>
Use this guide to help you choose your Japanese reading practice material for beginner. You cannot simply pick up a random manga/novel or you will end up feeling depressed.


Route to Master Kanji >>
This guide will help you to study for 70% kanji reading coverage. We recommended you to learn JLPT N4 or N3 material first before starting on this long bumpy road.


CrunchyNihongo’s Mini Lessons >>
Browse our Japanese Mini Grammar Lessons to learn about grammar patterns and many more!


Learn Conversational Japanese >>
Depending on your need, you might not need to go through JLPT method. Use this guide to help you learn practical Japanese effectively.


Japanese F.A.Q >>
Browse answers for common Japanese language questions.